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Doing It The Easy Way

Doing It The Easy Way

It’s a cold, clear mid-winter morning as we descend out of FL430 in the Lear 40, crossing the Mississippi River in the vicinity of Dubuque, Iowa, on our way down to Hamilton/Butler County Regional (HAO), just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Earlier that morning, we had filed from Tacoma, Washington (TIW) direct to HAO, a plan Read More

Which Airplane Should I Buy?

Recently, several friends asked me this very question. Both were about to celebrate significant financial events. Both could afford their next airplane and wanted it to be a jet. One is currently a single engine turboprop owner, the other owns a light jet. Both had lots of questions about moving up to a larger jet. Read More

Ready  To Make  Your Move

Ready To Make Your Move

As a company that specializes in helping owner-pilots transition from piston to turbine power, we are often asked the shortest path to reach their next move-up aircraft. Transitioning to your first turboprop or light jet is somewhat different than moving from a Cessna 172 to a retractable single or light twin. There are multiple facets Read More

Upgrading to a New Citation CJ4

Upgrading to a New Citation CJ4

To a Citation jet owner, more is always better. The choices in the Cessna Citation family are varied and plentiful; from Mustang to Citation X+, each one offering varying amounts of speed, seats and style. A few more nautical miles of range, increased cruise speed, better avionics – there’s always something to be gained by Read More

High Anxiety

  by Adam Alpert It was a particularly unpleasant winter morning in New York City. The wind howled out of the east, with blowing, drifting snow. After a pause at the hold point for JFK’s runway 4L, we were cleared to line up and wait. It was 400 overcast, ½ mile, temperature and dewpoint -1° C. Read More