From the Flight Deck

From the Flight Deck: Hello Darkness (My old friend)

From the Flight Deck: Hello Darkness (My old friend)

“I’ve owned 41 airplanes. A few of them would talk with me. There’s a spirit in anything, I think, into which we weave our soul. Not many pilots talk about it, but they think about it in the quiet dark of a night flight.” -Richard D. Bach (Pilot, author, philosopher) You may tell people that Read More

From the Flight Deck: Can You Hear Me Now?

 “NORDO.” That’s what it’s called when we lose our com radios – No Radio. There was a time when the majority of aircraft arriving at what was to become AirVenture Oshkosh were without a radio. Heck, they were without the whole electrical system; the same goes for flying into most non-tower airports. We sometimes flew Read More

From the Flight Deck: Head Bumping

by Kevin R. Dingman Instead of waiting for the jump seat on a succession of full regional jets, I sometimes drive part way to O’Hare, then ride a charter-type bus to ORD. It makes the trip a lot longer, but knowing that I’ll get there for sure, instead of waiting for the next available seat Read More

From the Flight Deck: Clouds in My Coffee

by Kevin R. Dingman     None of us got to where we are by avoiding hard work or tough decisions. But, when contemplating choices with potentially life-altering consequences, often times it’s rejuvenating to set aside the daily grind and embrace the visceral. My hangar office is just about finished; one of last year’s resolutions. Now I Read More

From the Fight Deck: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

by Kevin R. Dingman It’s winter in this hemisphere, which means it’s colder – colder than when it’s not winter. And although winter is a fine time to add a nip of something to your cocoa and wrap yourself in an afghan near a crackling fireplace, it’s not such a fine time for your airplane Read More