On Final

On Final: A Little Rusty

How often should we fly to maintain our skills? Certainly more often than our regulatory landing or instrument currency requirements. But, how often? For me, I prefer at least once a week, but that is not always possible. After two weeks, my personal corrosion starts to show. And recently, I had to wait 28 days Read More

On Final: Thanks, Al Gore

I read somewhere that Al Gore invented the Internet. And I believe just about everything I read. So, we have him to thank for most of all the cool aviation gadgets and apps that have come along in the past decade or so. I thought about Al as I drove to KADS (Addison) for an Read More

On Final: Addiction

by David Miller I am ready to publicly admit that I have a problem. With speed. Not the over-the-counter kind. Instead, my addiction is an overwhelming need to go as fast as possible in an airplane. Oh, I have been to counseling. I went to JPA (Jet Pilots’ Anonymous) meetings. I even bought a King Air. Read More

On Final: Perfectious

by David Miller per-fect-ious (pur fek shus) noun. 1. The art of attempting perfection. 2. Description of any pilot. There you have it. I have created a new word. Perhaps you have not given this word much previous thought. But recently, I had two occasions to do so. The first was during a visit to Read More

On Final: Better Weather

by David Miller How do you handle unforecast adverse departure weather? Do you fret? Cuss? Kick the dog? I pace. Two recent trips tell the story. A November-morning departure from KGUC (Gunnison, CO) to KADS (Addison, TX) found weather below Gunnison’s landing minimums as we arrived at the FBO. Light snow to boot. Although Gunnison Read More